Pregnancy Pilates

Our pregnancy pilates classes in Essex focus on preparing the body for the journey ahead; pregnancy, labour and motherhood.

Postnatal Pilates

Happy Core Pilates offers Introduction to Postnatal Pilates and full Postnatal Pilates courses to help strengthen your body after having a baby.

Mixed ability pilates

Our Mixed Ability Pilates courses are designed for anyone and everyone, whether you have practiced pilates in the past or are just starting out.

Adore your floor

Our Adore Your Floor programmes are designed for everyone to help increase awareness of pelvic floor health and how to improve it.

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About Happy Core Pilates

Happy Core Pilates was started by Kelly Woodyatt who was inspired to help make pilates more accessible for everyone.

As well  as offering Mixed Ability Pilates, Happy Core Pilates also offers classes for pregnant women and Postnatal Pilates to help build the core back up after having a baby. These classes are specially tailored for a woman’s changing body during pregnancy and beyond.

Our Classes

Pregnancy Pilates

Happy Core Pilates’ pregnancy pilates sessions are the ultimate class if you’re pregnant. They will strengthen your pelvic floor, stretch your muscles and help you feel more energetic and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Introduction to Postnatal Pilates

Our introduction to postnatal Pilates course provides new mums in Essex with a toolkit of various tips to aid them in everyday tasks such as protecting your back when picking baby up.

Postnatal Pilates

Once you’ve completed our introduction to postnatal pilates class, ongoing postnatal pilates sessions will continue to strengthen your pelvic floor, core and back to make lifting your baby and everyday tasks easier on your body.

Mixed-Ability Pilates

The mixed ability Pilates classes are exactly that; classes that are suitable for all levels and abilities, even those completely new to pilates.

Adore Your Floor

A programme designed to raise awareness of the pelvic floor for everyone, giving a toolkit of knowledge and exercises to manage and restore pelvic health, preventing future issues from occurring.


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