About Me

My first experience of Pilates…

I tried my first Pilates class about 10 years ago. I was a member at a local gym and Pilates was a class on the timetable. I had absolutely no idea what it was but everyone always looked so relaxed when leaving the studio so I thought I’d give it a try. I loved it! Not only did I feel relaxed but I also felt like I’d really challenged myself without doing some kind of crazy cardio class. It was great! However, my enjoyment was short lived as I didn’t feel quite so relaxed the next day. My whole body ached!! I’d used muscles that I didn’t even know I had! But this is what motivated me…

Why I continued Pilates…

I felt like the class was obviously doing something. I continued going and quickly started to notice the difference; firstly in my muscle tone (particularly the abdominals) and in my flexibility. The exercises began to feel easier and I was able to progress to some of the more challenging modifications. I also wasn’t aching after every class so something was working! The classes also complimented other exercise classes I was participating in and really helped my performance. As time went on I found out more about Pilates, both the person and the exercise.

How did I come to teach Pilates?

For years I had considered a career change and had wanted to become an instructor but the timing never seemed quite right. Eventually, the thought went away as I became busy with life. But then one day I saw an advert…’Do you want a career change…become a level 3 qualified Pilates Instructor…’ YES, I thought! So I enquired.

The only slight problem was that I was pregnant and the course was starting the month before I was due to give birth. I was so passionate about training to become a Pilates Instructor and desperately wanted to get started so I didn’t let this stop me and the rest is history as they say.

Why do I teach pre and postnatal pilates?

I continued Pilates when I was pregnant as I’d been going for such a long time. However, I noticed that there weren’t many Pregnancy Pilates classes available. I really felt that Pilates had benefited me during my pregnancy and helped to keep me mobile throughout.

At about 8 weeks after giving birth I started Postnatal Pilates classes where I could take my little boy with me. It was great! I loved that we could go to a class together and focus on my wellbeing instead of nursery rhymes (which we love, but it made a nice change). I then went on a training day when I was 10 weeks postpartum and the morning was a practical session which I was really looking forward to!

The excitement didn’t last long… I suddenly realised that I could barely do anything that I could before (even when I was pregnant). I have never felt so weak and demotivated as I did at that moment. I’d gone from being mobile and completely able during pregnancy to suddenly feeling very weak and shaky.  Although the session was for all levels, I still found it a real struggle. It made me really appreciate the Postnatal Pilates classes I was attending and I realised just how amazing they were as they were pitched at the perfect level. As I continued the sessions I noticed a real difference in my abdominals, pelvic floor, back, posture and general every day life. I felt very passionate about teaching this to other mums so I decided to train in pre and postnatal Pilates.

The benefits of Pilates are just incredible and I love it. I teach it because I really believe in it.

When I see my clients progressing in the classes it makes me really proud. Even within the first 6 weeks the change in amazing! I love hearing about how different they feel since starting the classes as well and their viewpoint on how it makes a difference to their everyday life. It makes it feel so worthwhile.