Adore Your Floor

Adore your Floor

A programme designed to raise awareness of the pelvic floor for everyone, giving a toolkit of knowledge and exercises to manage and restore pelvic health, preventing future issues from occurring

The programme consists of 4 one-hour face-to-face sessions to increase knowledge of the pelvic floor and how to improve conditions such as stress/bowel incontinence, prolapse, urge frequency and hypertonicity.

Suitable exercises for each condition are practised during the sessions, each of which are functional to help with active daily living.

In addition to this, there is a functional home programme to complete and membership to the exclusive Adore Your Floor Members Facebook Group where top tips can be shared and questions asked.
Lastly, Women’s and Men’s Health Specialist Physiotherapists are available on request.
Everyone should have an understanding of this sensitive topic and have the opportunity to gain awareness. There is regular contact throughout the programme and support every step of the way to help improve your health.