Introduction to Postnatal Pilates

Our introduction to postnatal pilates course provides new mums in Essex with a toolkit of various tips to aid them in everyday tasks such as protecting your back when picking baby up.

Each week, there is a different focus point which is relevant to the postnatal body and how to improve things like posture, the pelvic floor etc.  (remember, knowledge is power!) and the idea is that you don’t just come along to Pilates once a week and then leave it there until the next week. Everything we do in the class links to things we can do every day to hep continue to progress and to help our body heal.

During the classes we are focussing on restoring the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and improving posture following the changes made during pregnancy. The exercises also help heal diastasis recti and symphysis pubis dysfunction/pelvic girdle pain.

Videos and different handouts are emailed each week as a refresher of what was covered during the class so that mums can continue to practise some of the exercises at home if they want to and everyone is given a resistance band on week 1 so that they can use this for some of their exercises.

The classes gently progress each week although different modifications are given for each exercise so mums can choose a level that suits them best.

Mums are very welcome to bring their babies along to the classes and playmats are provided for them.  It’s a really relaxed class so if babies need feeding or changing at any point that’s fine. You can join back in when you’re ready. Never worry about baby crying or making noise as everyone is in the same position and totally understands

This course is suitable for mums following their health check at 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks postpartum for C-section).