Mixed Ability Pilates

Mixed Ability Pilates

The Mixed Ability Pilates classes are exactly that; classes that are suitable for all levels and abilities, even those completely new to Pilates.

The classes consist of controlled resistance exercises using body weight and some small equipment. All of the exercises can be modified to suit each individual’s ability and some small adjustments are made if needed just to make sure that the movements are precise so that everyone gets the best from the class.

Each exercise has a different focus so that you get a full body workout making the classes excellent for strengthening the core, toning, easing aches and pains, improving posture and balance, increasing flexibility and mobility.

It’s a great way to gently challenge and strengthen the body so that it is as functional as it can be, making a huge impact on our everyday lives.  Even simple things that we take for granted like walking will feel improved.

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